Saturday, September 19, 2009

Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. Test planning and execution.

I was the presenter at the Minnesota VSTS Users Group this week.  The topics I discussed included; test planning and execution with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager, test impact analysis, coded UI testing, and historical debugger.  You can get a PDF version of my slide deck here.  I had a couple presentation gremlins when I was introducing the historical debugger so I added a couple new slides explaining the configuration necessary to get the behavior I was describing during the presentation.

The slides themselves will do little more than wet your appetite so I’ll do a series of posts and add some narration describing what we are seeing and how it fits into the QA process.

Part 1, Getting organized.

Part 2, Test planning

Part 3, Executing manual tests

Part 4, the test run.

Part 5, Test impact analysis.

I’ll cover the Coded UI test and Historical debugger elsewhere.

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