Saturday, September 19, 2009

VSTS 2010 Test Run recording

In part four of my series on using Microsoft Test and Lab Manager we are going to take a look at test runner.

Here is the recording I showed at the VSTS MN user group.  By way of setting things up I am executing a single manual test that results in a failure in our expected result.  It is the first time I ran (and recorded) the test so when test runner comes up I do not have the option of executing the recorded test.  Here is a screen grab of what it would look like if I had the recording in place:


Of special note is the very powerful Start test and play option.  This will allow you to execute each step via the recording (no room for mistakes) and enter the results as each step is finished.

In my video I run through creating a bug and then click through what things were attached to the bug based on my run settings. 


  1. Tim,

    Are you still working with Test Manager and recording manual UI tests?

    If so I have a problem you may be able to help me with.